'Remember Me:' Video Game Review (The Importance Of Memory… And Also Martial Arts Training) - By FBC’s Kristine Chester!!!

The real star of Remember Me is, unsurprisingly, the ability to play with memories. Stealing and reliving memories is relatively simple and nothing unique, but remixing memories is something else entirely. When remixing, you view an event from your target’s life and then rewind and fast forward, finding glitches to exploit to alter the scene and achieve different results. Say the remix is set in a hospital room: the medication could be altered, the patient’s restraints could be removed, and a myriad of other objects can be manipulated. Playing around and seeing different results was incredibly satisfying, made more so by the number of trophies tied to these alternate results. There are two things I’d like to have seen from remixing memories: 1.) More of them. The game only contains four of them and could have easily supported double that amount. 2.) More control. Being able to roam around and manipulate items and build the outcome in different ways. If the controls were done right, an entire game could be built off of remixing alone.

Story: 8.0, Presentation: 9.0, Gameplay: 7.5, Overall: 8.0

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